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Future Astronaut of the Month Club Announcement

(Photo of November 2020 winner of the Future Astronauts of the Month award - Remmington Maxwell)

First, let me start by thanking each and every one of you for supporting this program to today's youth and tomorrow's aerospace pros. We at Live launch! are excited to be able to offer these kinds of programs to children rewarding their curiosity and passion for space exploration. Our goal is to continue to spur the interest in today's youth knowing we will be the ones watching these great feats they accomplish. A passion for spaceflight leads to more children following STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and keeping our country at the forefront in new technology and space exploration. We at live launch hope to be a leader in time for helping these youngsters discover this wonderment and the “Future Astronaut of the Month Club” is the first step in that process. We hope over time we can see more programs including small STEM scholarships or even as large as college scholarships.

With that, I want to announce a few changes to the program:

· Grade level change: You can now nominate a student with a love of Aerospace, Rocketry, or Space Exploration from K-8th grade. This is just extending from the original rules which were K-7th grade.

· We will no longer use polling to find a winner. This turned it into too much of a competition. We want everyone to win over time as long as funding is available. So from this point going forward (December 2020), we will simply start at the front of the list. This way children who have been waiting the longest will win first and so on. We will announce the winner on the last Thursday of the prior month. So December 2020’s winner will be announced on 11/26/2020.

· Podcast interviews: Podcast interviews will be optional. The Live Launch team loves to hear from these kids but not all want to be interviewed. So, from this point going forward, they can accept the interview, decline the interview, or offer a video to be posted on both the Live Launch page but the site also. The audio can be removed from the video and used on the Live Launch podcast too. We see it as a more comfortable way for the winners to get that spotlight we all want them to have at a level that is most comfortable for them.

We hope that you see these changes as enhancements. As always, if you have questions or comments please feel free to leave them below or message me personally anytime.

- If you would like to nominate a student K-8th grade, please feel free to contact me directly on Facebook, leave a message in the comments, or use the contact us tab on the Live Launch site (here).

- If you are a business that would like to sponsor this program please click (here)

- If you would just like to contribute to the site to help promote more material like this please click (here) and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Thank you and we appreciate all of you

Michael Nazarian, MS, MEM


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