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How Starlink could change retirement

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

As some of you know, aerospace isn’t my only passion, I also focus on youth STEM education and sustainability. I even have a book coming out this year on sustainability actions and education for the home. Starlink will solve one of my biggest concerns for my retirement in the future. Now let’s clarify “retirement”. I will always work on my projects and likely continue to work, I’ll just choose to do it at my speed. One of the reasons I finished my master's degree was so that I could work in the later stages of my life. Starlink removes the location aspect. Since my honeymoon, my wife and I have decided that our retirement winters would be spent on the big island of Hawai’i and our summers would be spent traveling the US in a motorhome.

The problem with this idea was getting stable high-speed internet. In Hawai’i many regions still do not have water or electricity less high-speed data transfers, it was going to be an issue finding an affordable place to live that would allow me to work on my projects. The same concern with traveling the US in the summers. I highly doubt my wife would like to spend a few hours a day at fast-food restaurants that offer free wifi.

Starlink resolves all of these concerns. The small antenna will allow me to travel and live in remote places where high-speed internet can be a concern. I can travel anywhere and still work as if I was here at my home in Durand MI. If this is system is everything they say it is, at the $80 price point, it is near the cost of my home service that traps me in my home.

What does this do for the rest of the world? Do we need to live in one place? People could greatly downsize and travel yet still have the creature comforts of home. I think could see more people in campers working during the day and relaxing during the night. Global internet and information could be an interesting gamechanger that removes some social norms and allows more human freedom, what do you think? If you have a minute, tell me in the comments below.

Thank you for reading

Michael Nazarian, MS, MEM


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