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Live Launch! and Space Events

Aerospace Community

This group is designed to help inform about upcoming live space events streaming online that you can watch free. These events can be from rocket launches by numerous companies globally to live NASA activities in space or in the International Space Station (ISS). We also encourage entertaining, informative, and educational content to be posted by its community members. Share, enjoy, and keep looking up! 

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Live Launch! Marketplace

Aerospace Fans - Buy, Sell and Trade

Live Launch! Market Place is a sister group to the Live Launch! Rocketry and Space group. This is a place where members and others can buy, sell, or trade. Members are allowed to post ads for products or services they may offer.


Greening Your Life

Sustainability Based Group

This is a group dedicated to sharing tips on living more sustainable. From the novice to the expert, we encourage tips on homemade crafts, ways to reuse items beyond their original purpose, gardening, and waste reduction.

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle.



Children's STEM Project Group

This is a group to share fun and educational projects for kids. Together we can all make learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics FUN! 


Melting Me

Personal Blog and Support Community

This page is a fun and healthy place to connect with anybody who is on their own weight loss journey and is working to be the person they want to be. 


Help Support New Programs

The Live Launch! team wants to offer more content for its members including the new Live Launch! podcast, additional moderators for a better group experience, and more programs like the "Future Astronaut of the Month". If you're willing and able to support please click below. 

One time donations to the community

Become a monthly supporter of the community for as little $3 per month

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