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Current Live Launch Stats

as of 12/06/2020

Facebook Group - 30,000  Members (Branded April 22, 2020)

Facebook Page - 3,424  Follower   (Created August 24, 2020)

Website Visits - 730  Sessions per Month

Live Launch Podcast - 1,465 Listens (Created July 10, 2020)

Facebook Group Member Growth

Screenshot 2020-12-06 155416.jpg

Facebook Group Member Locations

Screenshot 2020-12-06 161408.jpg

Facebook Group Member Engagement - (60 Days)

Screenshot 2020-12-06 161523.jpg

Facebook Page Followers - (90 Days)

Screenshot 2020-12-06 161909.jpg

Advertise On Facebook

(Page, Group, and Website)

  • Logo and mentions on all admin posts with company link. (minimum 3 a month)

  • Permanent Link on the Friends of Live Launch web Page.

  • Weblinks on the homepage, Podcast page, and Members photos and videos page.

Month:           $125.00 per month

Quarterly:    $300.00 per quarter

Yearly:           $1000.00 per year

Advertise On Live Launch! Podcast

(Podcast and Podcast webpage)

  • Intro advertising on all Live Launch! podcast episodes. (2 episodes per month minimum).

  • Permanent in episode mention to new episodes.

  • Company links and ad on the podcast website page and podcast description.

Monthly:        $ 50.00

Quarterly:    $ 125.00

Yearly:           $ 450.00


Help Support New Programs

The Live Launch! team wants to offer more content for its members including the new Live Launch! podcast, additional moderators for a better group experience, and more programs like the "Future Astronaut of the Month". If you're willing and able to support please click below. 

One time donations to the community

Become a monthly supporter of the community

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