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Penny for NASA?

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

I know I said that I wasn’t going to make blogging a habit but it’s a great outlet for my daily thoughts. Recently, I overheard someone in my family complaining about the cost of NASA. Obviously, that sparked a conversation and in the process, I realized that people have forgotten what NASA does for the US. People forgot why NASA is so important and how little it gets to do the work it does. NASA makes patent deals with US companies and spurs our economy. When NASA invents something, the US economy and companies reap the rewards. NASA gives access to its patents and innovations to US companies yearly. Currently according to NASA has already spun off over 2000 technologies to US businesses since 1976. Examples of spinoffs:

· Infrared ear thermometers · Lasik · Cochlear implants · Artificial limbs · Invisible braces · Scratch-resistant lenses · Aircraft anti-icing systems · Improved radial tires · Video enhancing systems · Fire-resistant reinforcement · Cordless tools · MedStar monitoring system · Firefighting equipment · Tempur foam (memory foam) · Enriched baby food · Freeze-drying · Bowflex · Air-scrubbers · Water purification · Solar cells · Powdered lubricants · Gold plating

plus, 1600+ pieces of software and countless other complex products that I couldn’t explain if I wanted to.

But, US companies use these to become tech startups. If we don’t fund NASA, we don’t lead in new technology. In my assessment, the two most important things that our country can fund is education/STEAM and NASA. NASA keeps kids dreaming and their education makes those dreams obtainable.

I’ll leave you with this. In 2008 the United States faced a self-inflicted financial crisis and to prevent a collapse, the gave the banks $700 billion. Did you know that that sum of money that was forked out of our government in one night exceeds the 70+ year running budget for NASA? NASA over the last 72 years has received approximately $650 billion. Now there will be some that remind us that the banks repaid the Tarp money back to the government and that’s true but NASA has repaid, the US businesses, employees, and government by creating trillions in new tech revenues. Plus, their inspiration feeds generations of youth to design and create items to make your life easier as you age.

NASA receives 0.48% of the US discretionary budget. The military gets 52%. We spend nearly 51.5% more on war than exploration. NASA gets 0.48 of a penny on a US tax dollar. Imagine what they could do with a whole penny…….. Fight for education, vote for exploration, and please #StayCurious.

Thank you for reading

Michael Nazarian, MS, MEM


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